About the Club

Welcome to Hutt Swimming Club. The Hutt Swimming Club is a volunteer organisation set up to teach and promote swimming. It usually has [190-250] members ranging in age from 5 to 18 years old. The club is based at the Huia Pool.

We have up to a nine coaches for the “Learn to Swim” classes which are held in the small pool on Tuesday nights catering for approximately 60 swimmers. As new swimmers gain more confidence they graduate to classes teaching more skills before moving to the main pool.

Our main club night is on Tuesday where up to 130 swimmers are coached in two sessions in swimming stroke correction, water safety and lifesaving and general water skills in the main pool. Our other sessions are on Saturday mornings catering for around 60 swimmers.

These sessions are for the majority of our swimmers who have progressed from the small pool and who are working up to a competitive level.

Club Race nights are held at the end of each term at our Tuesday night sessions. All session swimmers may come to these race nights, and you should check the program for attendance times.

For those that want to compete in wider competition – this is encouraged but not compulsory – there are a number of external meetings that cater for both the novice as well as the more competent swimmer. Watch the noticeboard.

The club usually has a long waiting list of swimmers wanting to join. Swimmers must regularly attend their training sessions or discuss the issue with their coaches. If regular attendance is not kept their places may go to those on the waiting list.

Our Values

  • Respect – yourself and your team
  • Self-control – both in winning and losing
  • Responsibility – learning to stand up when right and wrong
  • Attitude – creating a positive mind set at all times
  • Honesty and Courage – the willingness to stand up for what you believe

The Year’s Programme

The Club’s programme usually follows the same pattern each year.

The start of training coincides with the commencement of the school year. It starts the first Tuesday in February and usually ends in the second week of December.

We break during each school holiday at the end of Term 1, 2, 3 and over the Christmas period, and also at Labour weekend. Registration fees take account of these closures.

At the end of each term the Club holds its own race night. The rest of the time is taken up with coaching and water safety.

Swim meets are run by other clubs. Swimmers should discuss with their coaches entry to these events.

How we get there

How we get there is determined by several factors which are developed in the following

  • Swimmers in the club are categorised according to ability and potential.
  • Improve the quality of the swimmers technique so that they can move effortlessly through the water, teaching self-awareness through athlete centred coaching.

Each Term we have a Newsletter go out.

Click the link below to see the latest newsletter:

Our History

The Hutt Swimming Club was formed in 1926. The first swim evening was held on 24 March 1926 at the Riddiford Baths which were our headquarters until 1981 when we moved to the Huia Pool.

On the 18 December 1926 Hutt Club swimmers for the first time took their places in a Wellington Centre carnival and emerged with successes in both racing and diving.

The Hutt Club taught diving and had a strong competitive team that did well in centre and national competitions, until diving was lost to the club when we moved from the Riddiford Baths because there were no diving facilities at Huia.

Waterpolo was added to the Club’s activities in 1927 but in 1989 waterpolo broke from the Club and set up in its own right as the Hutt Waterpolo Club.

In 1938 the Hutt Club won the Peck Shield for the first time. This was an open water swim from Kau Bay to Evans Bay, originally run by the Hataitai Swimming Club, and popular at the time as a measure of a club’s swimming strength.

Between 1953 and 1965 Hutt Club swimmers, divers and waterpolo teams won 37 New Zealand Championship titles. In the same period, club swimmers regularly won up to two-thirds of all the Wellington Centre Championships and the senior waterpolo team won nine of the 13 championships contested during that period.

In 1953 the Wellington team to contest the National Junior Championships held in the Newmarket Olympic Pool in Auckland, consisted entirely of Hutt Club members – including the manager, coach and chaperon – a feat never equalled by any other Wellington club.

The club’s strength since then is typified by two of New Zealand’s high profile aquatic successes – swimmer Simon Percy and synchronised swimmers Katie and Lynette Sadleir.


“To be able to move forward we must always be willing to look to the future and make the changes that are needed, never stand still, always keep moving”

Our Structure


  • Robert Gibb


  • (Vacant Possition)


  • Derek Chapman

Waitlist Coordinator:

  • Mel Williams

Lane Coordinator:

  • Derek Chapman

Coach Facilitator:

  • Rober Gibb (Main Pool) /Justine White (LTS)

Race Secretary:

  • Robert Gibb


  • Tania Sales
  • Jamie Young
  • Ravi Bajaj
  • Amanda Pewhairangi
  • Mel Williams

Come to a Hutt Swimming Club open night to see us in action

The Hutt Swimming Club operates out of Huia Pool
Tuesday 6:30-8pm
Saturday 6:50-7:50am
Huia Pool, Huia Street, Lower Hutt, Wellington